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Indigenous landscape held by Takelma and First Nations Women and Two-Spirit for community healing, land healing, art and culture.


Originally named Womanshare, what began as a radical project to hold safe haven for lesbian women in the woods during the 1970's until today has been acquired and evolved into a matriarchal space that now invites the original stewards, Native women and Two-Spirit people, as they thrive and reclaim their land-based culture.

Together, the current Womanshare owners and the new incoming stewards, see this as a chance for beauty, justice and reparations in action.

We live in a unique time of crisis: COVID-19, White supremacy, Ecological crisis and economic crisis. The times in which we live is are of great need for social, environmental and spiritual justice.


We know that this land has been tended intimately by the Takelma and neighboring tribes for thousands of years where every plant, animal and stone was a relative, before colonization stole the land.


We know lands in the Rogue Valley and abroad are worked and tended persistently by Black and People of Color from the times of slavery to modern-day farmworking.


Indigenous and First Nations women now need their own land to thrive and connect to nature's healing while restoring traditional land stewardship to save our valley from the ongoing threat of devastating forest fires and climate change.


Expressing our gratitude by giving back:

We believe Takelma and Inter-Tribal women & two-spirit deserve to tend these lands and restore themselves and the land to native well-being.


Our vision:

  • 5 or 6 First Nations Women & Two-Spirit healing residents on land

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Indigenous Land Stewardship to fill the landscape with native plant seeds, first foods and medicines

  • Ritual and Ceremony

  • Hosting local and visiting Elders and        Inter-generational Healing

  • Honoring the local TAKELMA Tribe and Inter-Tribal inclusion

  • Reclaiming art, culture, ancestral heritage 

  • In Rogue Valley, OR

NativeWomanshare intends to model and hold space for Takelma and Inter-Tribal women not only surviving but THRIVING on land with home, water, garden space & community.

"May Indigenous, Black and Brown people rise worldwide and heal alongside our Mother Earth.

May the Indigenous earth-based peoples and cultures of the earth thrive and prosper.

We hope to serve NATIVEWOMANSHARE as a sanctuary to Native women and Two-Spirit who need it most and whose medicine we wish to uplift.

We intend to serve this land in indigenous restoration, thousand-year old heritage seeds and ancient love.


Ultimately may we all rejoice, celebrate and find gratitude in the gifts of the nature that keep on giving."

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